My Journey in Education Technology!

Initially, I thought that educational technology referred to just the use of computers and the internet which would benefit me in my daily life and career. Indeed, education technology has become an inseparable part of me and something that I cannot see myself without it. Programs such as Microsoft Office, Prodigy, Seesaw, EDSBY and tools such as speech to text, text to speech, dictate are essential not just for the teachers but students as well. In fact, as I was putting down some of my thoughts in this assignment, I was using Dictate as a faster way of jotting down my ideas.

However, Merriam Webster defines educational technology as a practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area. Hence, if we consider the application of knowledge as a vital part of technology, then the definition expands. So, I will define technology both as a tool and knowledge that we can use to make our life easier. In the realm of education, technology goes beyond the smart board and the projector, but it can also include manipulatives like magnetic letters or blocks which we can use in reading and math. Instructions.

The articles that I read this week, reminded me how education technology has evolved in general and specifically for me, from blackboards, floppy disk, and CD in Albania to smart boards, Mimio, EDSBY, Seesaw, Microsoft tools etc. I went form a very restricted and slow transformation of technology in Albania to a wide array of advancements in Canada, which sometimes make me wonder if we really need these many technology tools and if all of them are helping us for better. Neil Postman suggests being mindful of how we use technology, because technology should help us achieve our goals and not dictate our lives. To fully enhance the benefits of technology we must think critically and reflect on the way how we engage with technology.

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